Create a jail package!ΒΆ

What is a jail package?
A jail package is basically a small differential image template which can be deployed on top of vanilla jails. The RELEASE and patch level has to match between the package and a vanilla jail.

iocage uses the record function for this, which is a unionfs mount under the hood.

The resulting package can be stored on a web server with a checksum file ready to be deployed anywhere.

  1. create a new jail iocage create -c tag=nginx
  2. start jail iocage start UUID | TAG
  3. configure networking to enable internet access for this jail
  4. issue iocage record start UUID | TAG, from now on every change will be recorded under /iocage/jails/UUID/recorded
  5. install nginx with pkg install nginx
  6. install any other software you might require
  7. customize configuration files
  8. once finished, stop recording changes with iocage record stop UUID | TAG optionally stop jail
  9. examine /iocage/jails/UUID/recorded, run find /iocage/jails/UUID/recorded -type f
  10. remove any unnecessary files, make final customization/changes
  11. run iocage package UUID | TAG, this will create a package in /iocage/packages with a SHA256 checksum file
  12. optionally discard the jail now with iocage destroy UUID | TAG

The resulting UUID.tar.xz can now be deployed on top of any new vanilla jail!

  1. create new jail iocage create -c
  2. deploy package iocage import UUID tag=myjail
  3. list jail iocage list|grep myjail, grab UUID
  4. start jail iocage start UUID | TAG
  5. examine your changes and packages - they are all there!